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Stylish children's fabrics

19.8.2020 09:26  |  child

We stocked new children's fabrics on the popular Diana and Gloria cotton plain, but more recently also on the Prim elasticated poplin. Diana and Gloria fabrics are made of 100% cotton, which serve perfectly to beautify children's rooms, but they're also suitable for the production of bed sets and clothes for your little ones. The Prim fabric is more suitable as a clothing material, which thanks to the elastane admixture adapts to the body and gives the child freedom of movement for outdoor fun on these hot days. Our printed children's fabrics meet standards for children under 3 years of age with the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Class I certificate.

Children's fabrics correspond perfectly with summer and are printed in pastel colours, such as a warm yellow colour, which brings a good mood and a smile to every child's face. If you have playful children at home, we recommend choosing a colour of green and orange, which lights-up children's eyes, but they're calming at the same time. Our offer includes a boyish fresh blue colour, which no rascal will want to take off, but you'll also find a girl's pink colour, which is ideal for every princess.

You're guaranteed to conjure a smile on your face from our printed fabrics. You'll surely enjoy our diverse animal designs on Diana and Gloria cotton canvases, such as teddy bears, sheep, butterflies, cats, dinosaurs, fish and pandas. According to your imagination, you can combine these beautiful motifs with designs such as polka dots, stars, hearts, bows, flowers, stripes and ornaments. If you have a builder, sailor or vehicle driver at home, he'll surely fall in love with our models with excavators, boats, trains and toy cars.

Our elasticated Prim poplin is perfect for the production of stylish shirts, shorts, blouses, skirts or other clothing and it is printed with interesting patterns of pineapples, tennis rackets, bowties, fish, which are suitable also for your dear halves with the soul of a child. Breathe a new outfit to a room where your child will feel safe, playful and will have a comfortable sleep.

Stylish children's fabrics

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