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Antibacterial fabrics in stock again!

8.12.2020 08:14

The time when we are all fighting against the treacherous coronavirus disease (COVID-19) motivated us to react and prepare special antibacterial and hydrophobic fabrics for you, which are 100% cotton.

The antibacterial treatment works on the basis of active silver, which is applied directly to the fabric's fibres. In translation, this simply means that the fabric provides barrier protection against bacteria and viruses. Among other things, the fabric is ecological and doesn't contain harmful substances. At the same time, it doesn't lose its effectiveness even after fifty washes (at 60 °C). Antibacterial fabrics can be found here.

The fabric also has a hydrophobic finish. You have the right idea thinking this is a property that helps repel water, moisture and dirt. In addition to face masks, the fabric can be used for the production of bedding, curtains, pillows, tablecloths, book covers, seats, beds for pets, etc.

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