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Cotton flannel

20.9.2017 13:27  |  Bestsellers, special offer , Elmosa

Warm cotton fabric characterised by its fineness and "hairiness", which we know mainly from classic work shirts. It‘s often used for making blankets, pyjamas, bed-linen, etc. Cotton flannel is produced by brushing the surface of the cotton cloth with fine steel brushes. We can either brush the fabric on one side or on both sides. In…


Cotton satin

22.8.2017 11:15  |  Cotton sateen, Bestsellers, Bed sets, child, special offer

Cotton satin is a kind of fabric that is weaved by a weave called the atlas. Thanks to this technology, the resulting fabric is shiny on the face side. When we talk about our cotton satin,…


Get going with polka dots!

2.8.2017 08:33  |  Cotton sateen, Bestsellers, Cotton plain, Diana, special offer

The polka dot pattern is ageless and classic. The dots are inherent in summer and they are meant to brighten and cheer everything around. They appear in both fashion as well as furniture.…



11.7.2017 08:51  |  Bestsellers, special offer

A tablecloth hasn’t been just a hygienic protective element for a dining table for a long time. Today, it is mainly a fashion that can take several forms. The tablecloth can cover the whole…



15.6.2017 09:22  |  Cotton sateen, Bestsellers, Blueprints, Cotton plain, Diana, Bed sets, plain Cleveland, child, special offer , plain Glorima, Elmosa, Cotton poplin

It’s gained from cotton plant bolls. A cotton plant can give us good quality cotton if it has 150-200 frost-free days, so that’s why it is mainly grown in warmer climates. Cotton…


Fabrics in summer colours

9.6.2017 08:19  |  Cotton sateen, Bestsellers, Cotton plain, Diana, plain Cleveland, child, special offer , plain Glorima, Cotton poplin

Summer is full of all colours and if you are a fan of the sun and beautiful warm sunny weather, you can show it with some of our colourful printed fabrics in warm summer shades: red,…


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