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Printed fabrics - 100% cotton - Flannel - double sided - Blue

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169m Elmosa 2/2 1479123-302
Flannel - double sided
188m Elmosa 2/2 1475794-317
Flannel - double sided
19m Elmosa 2/2 1479155-301
Flannel - double sided
240m Elmosa 2/2 1476148-04
Flannel - double sided
136m Elmosa 2/2 1475794-08
Flannel - double sided

Cotton flannel Elmosa is produced as single side brushed or double side brushed. Material is 100% cotton and Czech product. Printed and solid coloured flannel which warms you. Offered patterns as Abstract, Children, Christmas, Solid coloured, Cats, Checks, Flowers, Stripes, Polka Dots and Hearts.

Blue fabrics are supposed to make any environment appear cooler. The colour is generally peaceful and conservative. However, it also promotes success which is why blue textiles are used primarily in places where we wish to achieve something. Naturally, we offer blue fabrics in various shades: from dark blue tinges that express calm, peace, and reliability, to light blue fabrics that inspire, give a sense of freedom and psychologically brighten us up.

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