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New blueprints in stock again!

27.7.2020 08:20  |  Blueprints

Blueprints are a traditional Czech folklore, which dates back to around 18th century and is still attractive today. Our company - La Linea has decided to enrich our warehouse with this ageless classic and has prepared various patterns of flowers, dots, stars, stripes, ornaments and onion design for you. Blueprint is a designation for a dark shade of blue with white patterns or their opposite.

We use our 100% Diana cotton canvas for the blueprints production. Diana material is a very strong and soft fabric that is suitable for any occasion. At the same time, the fabric is breathable and light. It acquires its unique surface thanks to a special calendering treatment and a new treatment to achieve extra fineness.You have never felt such softness.

Don't hesitate! It’s the right time to create a unique look for the household, outdoor seating, folk costumes, or other parts of clothing that will adorn your home or be an interesting outfit. Be pampered with fabrics from a Czech manufacturer, which we offer at production prices. If you're not sure about the colour or quality of the goods, we can send you free sample.

New blueprints fabrics

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