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Spring is knocking on the door

10.3.2021 09:38  |  Cotton plain

Nature is waking up, the sun is starting to warm up and we're looking forward to you seeing our spring fabrics at wholesale prices. As always, our team of designers have worked hard and followed the latest global trends. We know how important inspiration is for our work, let us introduce you to a few ideas - for example, to refresh your wardrobe or household.

The main reason why our fabrics are so popular is the fact that we mainly use materials made from 100% cotton and 100% linen, which are manufactured and modified to meet the strictest criteria - comfort and quality. Our fabrics are made in the EU and they are always fabrics of the highest quality fabrics, which are very pleasant to the touch, and are therefore suitable for sewing shirts, overalls, blouses, dresses or underwear. These spring fabrics will surely captivate you with unusual motifs such as flowers, ornaments, stripes, bows and much more.

We also mustn‘t forget the equally important properties in our cotton plain, which are breathability, as well as absorbency and strength. Therefore, iIt is not only  suitable for the production of these fashion accessories, but also for home and functional decorations.

Spring is knocking on the door

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